Air compressors used in space travel

Air compressors are used for industrial purposes as well as domestic. It is also used in space travel. But conditions in space are quite different from those on the earth. For example, the earth’s atmosphere contains 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and 1% of other gases that make survival on earth possible for man. One of the major functions of air compressors in space crafts is to make conditions favourable for both the space travellers and the spacecraft. These air compressors used in the spa. There are special features in these air compressor parts that make it suitable for space travel. Let’s take a look at some of them.

 Special features of air compressors used in space travel

Nitrogen and oxygen production system

The people in the spaceship need to breathe adequate and appropriate air. This feature in air compressors used for space travel makes it possible for the spaceship to hold up to 6000 pounds of air needed for breathing and other purposes in the spaceship. For the air to be appropriate, it needs to be in the 78:31:1 ratio of nitrogen, oxygen and other gases. This unit in the air compressor makes that possible.

Temperature regulating control system

Spaceships are designed with special equipment that operates under delicate conditions. The super fast motion from one part of space to the other definitely affects the temperature in the spaceship. Such temperature fluctuation is not healthy for the equipment in the spaceship, neither is it healthy for the space travellers. In order to prevent these inconveniences, the heat exchangers ensure that the air it absorbs from the air is recirculated. Such heat exchange ensures that the temperature in the spacecraft remains favourable for both the humans and equipment in it.


Carbon dioxide absorbers

It is good for air travellers to breathe in clean and adequate air. Humans breathe in air and breathe out carbon dioxide. If the breathed out carbon dioxide is not trapped from the air, it will combine with the available air and pollute it. Making it unsuitable for space travellers. To prevent this from happening, there is a carbon canister in the spaceship that absorbs the carbon dioxide exhaled by humans in the spaceship. This air quality concern is more important when part of the spaceship is under repairs.

Air filtering units

The air compressors used in space travel have features used in removing odors in this spaceship. The space travellers may perform some useful experiments in the spaceship as part of their mission in space. If volatile chemicals were used in these experiments, then it needs to be absorbed from the air in order to make the air clean for humans and equipment. This special air compressors unit helps in absorbing particles trapped in the air. Air travellers need adequate and clean air in order to reach and return from their destination alive and healthy. This filter and charcoal canister in the air compressors helps to manage the air needs of space travellers.

 Centrifuging units

The air compressors in a spaceship can generate up to 6000 pounds per square inch of pressures from their motors. Pressures from air compressors can be used to ignite fuels in order to initiate combustion used in generating the energy needed by the spaceship to take off from the earth. Pressurized air passed through the nozzle of the spaceship can accomplish this task. Once the fuel combustion has been initiated, the spacecraft can generate enough thrust needed to escape the earth’s gravitational pull and on into space.

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