How to design your commercial fitout

The interior design and environment of a commercial building is not just a physical space that you provide to your employees for work. The process of designing a commercial fit-out should be done very carefully so it can complement a variety of essential corporate aspects. Designing your fit-out can be the biggest expense that your company has to pay, so you do not have any room for mistakes as you have to get it perfect the first time.

Besides the feel and the look of your commercial fit-out, you also have to take into account the factors that can increase the productivity of your team and improve your brand image. Planning and designing is a vital part of any commercial fit-out project. You need to make a proper plan for how, what and where you can place things to maximise your office space.

Making your office stress free and relaxing for employees and clients is important to enhance the proficiency of your company and brand image. The following are tips that can help you to design your commercial interior design to be relaxing and enjoyable.


Ask yourself questions and plan

A new office fit-out design benefits your business in several ways. It improves staff performance, workflow, creates a positive environment, and promotes easy movement across the office space. Before designing your commercial space, you must know what you want from it. For this purpose, ask yourself some questions such as why you need a new commercial fit-out, what type of fit-out you want and where will the new commercial fit-out take place. 



Answering these questions will help you to estimate the required time and budget you need to complete the fit-out and it will provide you with guidelines about functional and aesthetic choices as well. You must implement planning as well for future requirements. If the current design of your commercial fit-out is reflecting your business needs, then it should also be adaptable to future changes. If your existing facilities are outdated and not suitable for your business type, then you should search for an appropriate commercial space and facilities that are flexible enough to accept changes in the future.


Know your budget and get a quote 

Knowing what you can spend on your commercial fit-out will save you from wasting time dealing with the contractors whom you cannot afford. Quotes are part of the information gathering process in which both the company and contractors are involved with. A quote is not a promise to engage, but it is used to exchange information about decisions. After a comparison of different contractors, you can engage an interior design company to design your commercial fit-out.


Synchronise your brand identity

The design of your commercial fit-out should reflect the motto, vision, idea, culture, and aim of your company or brand. It will help you to give an exact and sudden impression of your brand to your clients. Involve your marketing department in this process because they understand the nature of your brand more than you do, and they know what most people want to see.


Follow office design trends

Before hiring interior designers, research the latest trendy designs for your commercial fit-out. It will help you to know what you want and understand how it will be beneficial for your company. Make sure that you include standing desks, moving desks, natural materials, plants and natural light in your commercial fit-out to make it warm, comfortable, attractive, inviting, and refreshing.


Choose the right colour and lighting

Research has proven that certain colours influence the emotions and mood of people and some colours can improve the feel and look of a space. You can consult with an interior designer to select a suitable tone and lighting for your fit-out. 


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