How to make your business cards better

An effective business card needs to contain more than just your company name and contact information. There are several ways that you can utilise the humble business card in terms of conveying information and having a design that will make your business card stand out. You want your business card to draw the attention of prospective customers who otherwise would most likely chuck the card in the bin.


Here are a few tips to make sure that your business cards represent the brand and is attracting business partners and potential clients.


Make sure you only include what is important

You only want to be including the information that is needed to keep the business card memorable. Skip providing too much information here and be more selective about the details you are including. You want information such as contact details and what the company actually does in order to keep it relevant and concise.


Is it legible?

It may be tempting to use funky, attractive fonts, but is this going to make it difficult for people to read your business card? You want to be using fonts that are not too small, fancy or has hard to read colours.

The logo that you have is the design element will add the spice and aesthetics to the business. Ensure the text is kept simple and is straight forward and straight to the point, but make it stand out with a logo.


Don’t go with a full coverage card

Some people will use the white space on a business card to write something about the business or a question they want to ask. Keep some white space and only use one side of the business card to allow users to write notes on the back or anything else related to the business.


Get your cards printed professionally

If you don’t have commercial printing capabilities, then the whole DIY business cards can look cheap and unprofessional. Having this type of card will not impress people enough to give you a go. You may save money when you print them yourself; however, the impact of giving out a homemade card is not the same as those that are printed professionally. There are many printing services in Australia that can assist.


Design for your audience

If you have many businesses that complement each other, you can use both sides of the business card; one for one company and the other side for the other. If they are two unrelated operations, you should create a separate card for each to avoid any confusion.


If you use a unique finish, be careful!

You want to select a relevant finish. You don’t want to just go with something that looks good. There are countless options including die cuts, rounded corners, unusual sizes, foil accents, embossing and specials folds that turn a card into a brochure.


Use a call to action

Even a simple, streamlined business card can have a special offer or a different call to action. You can craft a small message that either directs people to your website, offers a discount or provides a tip that is useful to the reader. Your card becomes a remembered one if you hit the mark with a specific call to action and it will generate more leads.

Ensuring your business card is designed properly will be the difference between gaining more leads and losing them. The extra cost involved in getting the business cards professionally done is well worth the investment.

There are budget-friendly alternatives for those who may be working with a tight budget, so there is something available to suit everyone.


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