When H.G.Wells wrote his most famous novel “The Time Machine” he gave life to one of the most ancient dreams of humanity, that of moving through the centuries.

The machine of time remains an unattainable technological dream, but we have made up for this unfulfilled desire by realizing what can be considered in an extended sense, an instrument for traveling in the past: the museum.

From what were merely collections of unusual objects arranged in bulk, we have come to real science that allows, if well applied, to involve a spectator to the point of allowing him to experience some notable moments of the past, through the history of art, technology, and popular culture. The museum must, therefore, be considered as an instrument of knowledge of time and time. Interactive is proposed to satisfy this need to explore the past more engagingly.

Through the most advanced technologies, from scenographic techniques to restoration techniques, from computer graphics to virtual reality and multimedia, Interattiva offers a client ranging from public bodies to private companies, high-quality projects, professionalism certain acquired through years of experience in the protection of cultural heritage, scientific research, planning and proponitive skills.

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