Selling Your Art to Interior Designers

In the industry of artwork there are four times as numerous interior designers as art galleries around the world. The interior design marketplace is huge and the demand for new artwork is endless. What is more, when designers find the art they are searching for, they do not mind if you are a newcomer or if you lack some expertise and instruction. They are also able to become repeat buyers if it turns out that your style syncs nicely with their particular style.

So how do you break into this art in business market, sell your artwork to interior designers, and increase vulnerability? Get started with our six measures to incorporate interior designers into your artwork buyer repertoire and enhance your general artwork business earnings.

STEP 1: Be Up to Date with Design Trends

Focus on the colours and patterns which are trending in the design world. For example, know that the 2017 Colour of the Year is Greenery, meaning everything from paint and bedding to rugs and couches which has followed suit. Designers frequently search for art that complements but does not fit the interior design styles. Knowing this, it is possible to create artwork which works nicely with the present fashions and industry trends.

STEP 2: Build Your Own Portfolio of Work

You never know precisely what an interior designer or interior stylist is searching for or the number of pieces they might have to buy. It is always wise to have a broad variety of artwork to get an interior designer to pick from. Additionally, reasonably-priced, big works are tough to find and often in the best demand.

Should you have a method or procedure which lets you market huge works at reduced costs and make a fantastic gain, use this to your benefit. Otherwise, look at presenting designers with a collection of smaller work that produces a statement when connected with each other.

STEP 3: Move Where the Interior Designers Move

You can discover inside designers by googling interior designers in your area. Interior designers regularly flock to studio tours, art displays, and gallery openings whenever they are on the market for a brand-new addition. These are terrific places to make connections.

STEP 4: Check if Your Work is a Great Fit

Research interior designers and their design style, whether coastal home interiors are their niche or inner-city simplicity is their style before reaching out. You need to be certain that you find a designer whose job is currently in sync with you. Look at their sites to find out whether they concentrate on contemporary minimalism, a monochromatic appearance, timeless elegance, or daring colours. And, make certain to pay attention specifically about the artwork they decide to showcase within their portfolios. Can they simply use photos of sweeping landscapes or bold abstract paintings? You need to be certain that your artwork will match their layouts.

STEP 5: Use Social Media for Your Advantage

Social Networking is rapidly becoming the newest place to find art on the internet —notably Instagram–and to make certain interior designers are now keeping up with this tendency.

So, post eye catching pieces on your own platforms and follow interior designers that you wish to utilize. The more intriguing and unique your piece is, the more attention it will attract. As an example, in the event that you typically create square pieces, try out a round one instead. If you have worked with an interior designer or in interior decorating, then ask whether it is possible to share a photograph of your art as part of their design.

STEP 6: Reach Out to Interior Designers

Interior designers’ job is intertwined with that of good artists. Many cannot finish their jobs without the ideal art piece, so do not be afraid to reach out. If you have done your homework, then your artwork may be exactly what they are searching for.

After you have decided on which designers that you wish to associate with, send them a couple of digital portfolio pages and also guide them to your site or wherever your work is accessible. Give them a call and inquire if they are needing some art or something specifically. Offer to stop by their office and show them artwork that you think they would like.

Place These Measures into Action and Realise the Profits

Interior designers are a superb means to generate publicity and supplement your earnings as you sell artwork on the internet and work to attain more gallery showings. Word of your artwork disperse via word-of-mouth when your work is seen even if that is in the houses of family and friends.

Bear in mind that while the interior design market is immense, customers’ tastes are volatile at best. It’s important to utilise selling to inside designers as another means to raise your earnings and increase your audience, rather than producing it your sole method.


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