Modern-day interior revamp ideas 

Are you planning to revamp your house? You can start by understanding that revamping isn’t just about buying new stuff and discarding the old. This is about giving your house a new look and is possible through a lot of ways. An interior designer is one option, but you can always make changes by yourself.


The furniture

You can start by moving furniture around. At times you want to feel cosy with the couch and the table all kept right in front of the chimney. At other times, you might want a more spacious setup. Moving things around helps to change the place a lot. Just moving a table in another room at times can prove to be a great idea. Your home should be welcoming so you need to include elements that inspire a sense of comfort and inspiration.


The add on

You don’t have to change the couch or table as per the colour of the walls or with the change of a theme. You can change the covers of the couch, and you can use a themed tablecloth to make an item more in sync with the surrounding set up. You can buy or make things with your basic knowledge of art and craft to make your place look exciting. The most basic of accessories can make your home look luxurious. These add ons can help you with keeping things interesting. Not only will they help you change the look of your place but they can also help you deal with space or storage issues.



If you are planning to paint your house, you better think of the best way to do it. At times, it isn’t enough that you change the colour. Maybe add a pattern or design, or add elements that look great and prove useful. You can consider a clock or a small wooden shelf where you can keep things and that acts as a piece of art as well. The colours, if you paint the house, should be bright if you want an airy and spacious look and dark if you want a cosier set up.


Introduce elements

Introducing elements like a bookshelf or a show lamp also helps. A bookshelf proves to be a great help when you want to showcase your interests through your home decor. Things like lamps are cheap and beautiful. You can hang paintings or stick posters on the walls. All of these options eliminate the need to make any major changes and you can simply pick something that inspires you. Use wallpapers if you feel like it and want to take a chance.


The floor

Maybe buy new rugs or carpets to synchronise the floor with other elements. You can make changes to the floor tiles as well but that can sometimes make too much of a mess. You can opt for using mats as well. It depends on if you want your house to look antique, unique or quirky as to what you decide on. It is your choice. You can place artefacts, vases and anything else that diverts the attention from tiles if you cannot change them.



They make the house look more beautiful, so maybe you can replace any opaque or translucent glasses with transparent options. If opening them makes changes – open them! You can hang flower-like or plant-like items at their opening. You may want to invest in an interior stylist for this job.


Changing your house takes a lot more than changing the bed sheets but then at the same time, sometimes it is not something to fuss about. Putting plants in the house at times can make all the difference. Just be sure that whatever you do you feel at home.

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