Are pop sockets the new trend now?

You may have seen the circular things sitting on the back of peoples phones? These are called Popscokets. They are in trend now and are very popular with the younger crowd.
What is a pop socket? Can they be removed easy? Why do people love them?

People have so many questions about the Popsockets, and here we try and answer them.

What exactly is a Popsocket?

A Popsocket holder is a plastic disc that can be attached to the back of your phone with its own adhesive pad. You pop it out, and it will extend allowing you to put your fingers in between the phone and the disc, so you have a more reliable, tighter grip. This helps one with various activities such as taking hassle-free selfies, watching videos with phone support on tables, for the sports junkies that are always on the run and wish to record their every activity.

Can Popsockets be reused?

If having a bulge on your phone is a concern for you don’t be alarmed. Popsockets can get easily installed, removed and repositioned whenever you want.
The Popsockets have two parts the base, also known as the adhesive circular disc and the design portion known as the PopTop. The Poptop part will come off quickly when you want to change up the look, but you will find that the base is more complicated.
If you want to take off the base completely, then you need to make sure the Popsocket is flat then peel it away from the case. If this doesn’t work then use a keycard and slid it between the platform and the adhesive to separate them.
You need to remember the adhesive can dry out. If the gel feels dry, you need to rinse it with water and let it dry out in the fresh air. Don’t allow the disc to dry for longer than ten minutes. These steps need to be carefully considered so that you can use the same popsocket for a really long time.

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Why are people using pop sockets?

You may think that Popsockets are to hold onto, but they do serve many uses. Overall the Popsockets work to make it easier to do things with your smartphone.

Gives you a better grip

The Popsocket is mainly used to provide you with a better grasp of your phone, especially if you have a large phone or are prone to dropping your phone often. It can be hard to get a reliable grip on the larger smartphones when doing things like taking pictures, and this is where the Popsockets come in.
The Popsockets make it easier for you to hold your phone with only one hand, using the other to press the shutter button with ease.  You are given more freedom with the angles to work with and having a better grip means you don’t need to mess around trying to get a good shot.

You can use it as a stand to prop the phone up

If you need to prop up your phone up while playing games or watching shows, then you can use the Popscoket.  Popsockets works well as a stand when you have two on the back of your phone although one will do the job. Ensure the Popsocket is centred on the back of your phone, or it will be uneven and just fall over.
Popsockets can even be used for larger devices like the Surface Pro or even iPads. In this case, you will need more than just the one.
There is no doubt Popsockets are growing in popularity with the younger crowd. When you have experienced using one you will wish you had of brought it earlier.

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